More than 25,000 Apps Now Available for Windows 8 Users

The Windows Store continues its growth towards new records

Several hundreds of apps are submitted to the Windows Store every day, according to some unofficial sources, so it’s no surprise that Windows 8’s new feature continues its growth.

According to the newly-released MetroStore Scanner, there are more than 25,000 apps available in the Store right now, although many of them can be actually seen in local versions of the Store.

This new service scans all versions of the Windows Store and displays the app in a browser-based interface that mimics the original GUI, while also offering several filters and a search option.

While this is still an unofficial number for the total Windows Store app count, it’s pretty clear that it’s growing up quite fast, so Microsoft’s 100,000 app forecast by February 1 may not be impossible to reach after all. It remains to be seen, however, how many of these apps are actually worth a click.

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