More than One Billion Office Documents Stored on SkyDrive

SkyDrive integration is one of the main features of the new Office suite

The preview versions of Office 2013 have been around for a while, with millions of users registering for an account to give the new productivity suite a spin.

And according to Microsoft, users of the Office preview builds have saved more than 1 billion documents in their SkyDrive accounts, which is quite another proof that integration of the cloud-based storage service is one of the key features of the new suite.

“Recently we reached a big milestone; our customers are now storing over a billion Office documents on SkyDrive! We’re really excited about the feedback we’ve seen around the new version of Office and the deep integration of SkyDrive,” Sarah Filman, a lead program manager on SkyDrive, said.

Whenever you wish to save a specific Office document in the SkyDrive account, you only need to access the “Save” menu in Office 2013 and choose the SkyDrive option.

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