Mortar Melon Becomes the Top Free Game on Windows 8

Disney loses the leading spot in the Windows Store

More freeware games arrive on Windows 8, so Disney has lost the leading spot this week in the top free games category.

Starting today, Mortar Melon Classic is the number one free game available on Windows 8, followed by Where’s My Water?, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Halo Spartan Assault Lite and Cut the Rope. The next Disney game in the chart is Where’s My Perry? that’s only ninth in the list, according to the updated statistics.

At this point, Mortar Melon Classic has no less than 359 reviews and an overall rating of four stars, which makes it one of the most appreciated games in the Store.

“The game comes with a total of 24 free levels and support for both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Drag the mortar, aim, and fling the melon to collect the fruit! Whizzing through the air you’ll fly across the world, tapping and dragging your environment to release the juicy goods! Look out for pointy objects or you’ll explode on impact, sending melony chunks and pips flying!” the app description reads.

Download Mortar Melon Classic for Windows 8/RT

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