Most Users Still Choose Windows 7 over Windows 8 on New PCs

Retailer confirms that Windows 8 isn’t quite attracting many buyers right now

Microsoft expected to see Windows 8 quickly become the top choice for those who purchase new computers, but it seems like Windows 7 is a much more appealing operating system for most buyers.

According to a report by PC Pro, Computer Planet, a Manchester-based retailer, is still selling plenty of computers running Windows 7, while demand for Windows 8 devices remains low.

Company Chairman Paul Redford told the source that 93 percent of the computers are delivered with Windows 7, while only 20 percent of the 500 computers sold in January are equipped with Windows 8.

Unsurprisingly, some of the customers who go for a Windows 8 computer ask the retailer to help them downgrade to Windows 7, while many have demanded a third-party Start menu in case they decided to stick to Microsoft’s latest OS.

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