Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2 Is Out, Unofficially

The official release might happen by the end of the day

Mozilla posted the new version for Firefox on their servers, but there are no release notes available at the moment. You can download it for Windows, Mac or Linux from Softpedia as well.

Nothing official has been released yet, but word on the web says that the cause for rolling out Firefox 18.0.2 is a bug that accounted for almost 18% of all the crashes of the 18.0.1 version. However, it did not affect version 17 of the web browser.

The developers tracked the origin of the problem; it occurred when accessing Facebook pages and the component failing was the JavaScript Engine.

Although the new revision is available on Mozilla’s servers, it should be considered as a release candidate until the official launch, which should roll out pretty soon (probably no later than the end of the day).

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