Mozilla Firefox Metro for Windows 8 to Be Launched by November

The company continues the development of a Modern version of its browser

Mozilla is still working on a Metro flavor of its popular Firefox browser, with new details posted on the Wiki development site revealing that the stable build should be here by November.

The current development timeline of the project points to a November 19 release date, even though Mozilla admits that the Modern Firefox might arrive a bit earlier in case everything goes according to the plan.

And still, this won’t happen sooner than October 2, Mozilla explained, while also adding that the project could very well be delayed until March 20, 2014 if developers encounter unexpected issues.

At this point, a preview version of the browser is up for grabs for all Windows 8 users, but early feedback isn’t at all encouraging.

The browser is rather slow at this point, which isn’t at all surprising given the fact that it’s a beta, but it also crashes all of a sudden on select hardware configurations.

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