Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.2 Available for Download

“X” button closes only one window instead of the entire client

A new update has emerged for Thunderbird email client. The new build is 17.0.2 and it brings to the table a small set of modifications designed to improve the functionality of the application.

There are no new features available, only a brief list of repairs that include security fixes as well.

One of the fixed bugs touches on how the “X” button closes Thunderbird. Starting this revision said button closes only one window of the application instead of terminating it altogether. Thus, if multiple windows are opened, upon restarting the program only one of them will be available.

Another issue caused occasional mail message corruption in local folders after filtering. Users affected by this bug reported seeing messages with no body or parts of the HTML or even pieces from other emails after running the defined filters.

Also solved is the problem with the deletion of draft entries saved in IMAP folders when in offline mode.

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