Nearly 43,000 Apps Now Available on Windows 8

The number of apps included in the Store is slowly growing

We’re pretty sure that Microsoft expected the number of apps available in the Windows Store to skyrocket in early 2013, but it seems like it’s only growing at a very slow pace.

According to MetroStore Scanner, an unofficial source that keeps track of the apps submitted to the Store, there are nearly 43,000 apps listed right now for download.

Daily figures, on the other hand, are dropping significantly as compared to late 2012, with an average of 200 apps submitted to the Store every day.

A new record was set last Saturday, as statistics point to 359 apps approved to be listed in the Store, while the lowest figure was experienced on Wednesday, when only 79 apps got to see daylight.

Microsoft initially projected that 100,000 apps would be available in the Store by February 1, 2013, so it’s pretty much obvious that the number of apps is missing internal estimates.

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