New Leaked Windows 8.1 ISO Reveals Microsoft’s Metro File Manager

Microsoft will most likely introduce a new app in Windows 8.1

The leaked ISOs that allow users to take Windows 8.1 for a spin before the public debut of the preview version in June reveal some very interesting details regarding the Metro files to be offered by Microsoft together with this Windows 8 upgrade.

A file manager simply called “Files” is very likely to be part of Windows 8.1, as Windows 8 currently lacks such an application and only allows users to copy, delete, and move files using the desktop-based File Explorer.

As you can see in this photo found by Neowin, Microsoft’s Metro file manager comes with a rather simple interface, obviously optimized for the touch, as well as with the essential features to easily perform a few actions.

It’s not yet clear if Microsoft plans to make “Files” part of the final version of Windows 8.1, but more information will probably be provided in June at the BUILD developer conference.

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