New Themes for Windows 7 / 8: In Search of Incredible 2 and Garden Life 2

Set to bring more amazing, high-resolution images to your computers' desktops

Two new themes are now available for download for the owners of computers and tablets powered by Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

The first of these themes is called ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible 2, and features a set of 9 images from the campaign featuring the same name.

Once installed, the theme will provide users with high-resolution imagery of snowy mountain slopes, or of people who defy cold or engage into adrenaline-laden situations such as walking a tightrope.

The second theme is Garden Life 2, which brings to your desktops photos of bees, caterpillars, and ladybugs, taken by photographer Hayley Elizabeth.

Both themes have been made available for download for free, and are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs and tablets.

Download ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible 2 Theme

Download Garden Life 2 Theme

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