New Twitter Client for Windows 8 Promises the Best Metro Experience

fantweestic! is one of the newest Twitter clients for Windows 8

Twitter is yet to release an official client for Windows 8, but in the meantime, plenty of developers have released third-party apps designed to allow early adopters of Microsoft’s new OS to enjoy the features of the popular social platform.

fantweestic! is one of these third-party clients and, as far as we’re concerned, it comes with a pretty remarkable feature list.

It supports an unlimited number of accounts, and aside from Twitter timelines, mentions and retweets, it also boasts several built-in themes for a fully-customizable interface.

Search integration is also available to quickly look for a user or a hashtag, and so are several effects to personalize your tweets. Last but not least, the app can automatically shrink URLs and refresh the timeline based on your preferences.

There’s only one issue: the app is priced at $10.99 (€8.30) and there’s no trial version available.

Click here to view the fantweestic! product page in your browser.

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