New Yorkers Arrested After Shoplifting Attempt at Microsoft Store

The two were trying to steal Microsoft products, police said

Sometimes, the love for gadgets makes you do crazy things and two New Yorkers know this very well. 54-year-old Lorenzo Adams and 34-year-old Stacy Rossman have both tried to steal Microsoft products from the official store at the Danbury Fair mall, but they were caught on security cameras.

Their technique was pretty simple, quick and effective: the two tried to place some of the laptops and tablets on display in their shopping bags and leave the store just like any other Microsoft Store visitor.

The shoplifters wrapped up the interior of the shopping bags in aluminum foil in order to get through security sensors without triggering the alarm. Wire cutters were also prepared, just in case the devices were attached to anti-theft cables, the Danbury Daily Voice reports.

The two shoplifters have been arrested and are now being held on $50,000 (€37,800) and $10,000 (€7,500) bonds, respectively, and could spend several years in prison.

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