No, Microsoft Hasn’t Fixed the Surface Wi-Fi Issues on Patch Tuesday

Lots of users are still complaining about limited connectivity on their tablets

Even though Microsoft was expected to fix a Surface Wi-Fi connectivity issue on Patch Tuesday, it appears the glitch is still there and users are yet to find a longtime workaround for it.

The bug was first reported by hundreds of users back in October, soon after the official debut of the tablet, but Microsoft hasn’t released a fix until now.

A Microsoft support forum moderator hinted that Patch Tuesday could bring the long-awaited patch, but according to several users, the deployed updates make no difference in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity.

“I updated and got the limited connectivity issue right away! The problem is definitively not fixed,” one user said. “Well, did not fixed the limited connection for me... Back to square one. How disappointing!” another one added.

We contacted Microsoft for some clarification on the matter a couple of weeks ago, but the company is yet to release a public statement.

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