No, Microsoft Won’t Allow Surface RT Users to Upgrade to Surface Pro

The company won’t launch a trade-in program for the Surface tablet

Now that the Surface Pro is up for grabs, many Surface RT owners are actually looking to trade in their devices and purchase the new tablet running the full version of Windows 8.

While it was initially believed that Microsoft may launch a trade-in program for Surface RT customers, the Surface team confirmed a few days ago in an AMA Reddit session that no such service will be available.

“There is no hardware trade-in or upgrade program at this time. We are confident people will love the devices they purchase but if there are any issues that arise we have a 14 day in-store return policy and a 30 day online store return policy,” the team said.

Meanwhile, the Surface RT is becoming available in new countries across the world, as Microsoft is still struggling to make it a successful product. Expanded market availability has been announced for February 14, so click here to read more about this.

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