No Surprise: Windows 7 Remains the Number 1 Operating System in the World

New statistics show that Windows 8’s predecessor was the top OS in March

While all eyes are on Windows 8 and on the upcoming Windows Blue, Windows 7 continues to be the top operating system in the world, as many users still deem it the best alternative to the latest contraption released by Microsoft in October 2012.

According to figures released by Net Applications for the month of March, Windows 7 keeps the leading spot with a market share of 44.73 percent, followed by Windows XP with 38.73 percent and Vista with 4.99 percent.

Windows 8 continues to grow in popularity, but it does it at a rather slow pace, as its market share has increased last month to only 3.1 percent.

The Windows 8 Touch entry, which represents the new Windows 8 operating system installed on touch-capable devices, has reached 0.12 percent last month.

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