Non-Genuine Windows XP Spotted in Australian Mall

It’s all because the operating system wasn’t activated, administrators say

Even though it’s an 11-year-old operating system, you’re probably still familiar with the classic “This copy of Windows is not genuine” notification integrated into Windows XP.

Well, in case you visited the Melbourne Central shopping center last week you got the chance to see the embarrassing notification once again, as it was displayed on some of the interior screens.

Although it’s strange to see shopping centers not only still using Windows XP, but also relying on a non-genuine copy, Paul Pettersen, operations manager at Abuzz Solutions, the company that operates the servers, says it’s all because computers aren’t connected to the Internet, so the activation was impossible.

“Basically those machines are sitting on a private network so they can't get to the internet and so [that means] the Windows validation tool can't completely run ... and it comes up with that message,” he was quoted as saying by The Sydney Morning Herald. “What it should say is that the validation test has failed and you should check out why it's failed.”

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