Not into Windows 8.1? Buy Windows 7 for Only $89 (€65)

Windows 7 is still available online at various retailers

If you’re still running Windows XP and you plan to move to a newer operating system, but Windows 8.1 isn’t exactly your cup for tea, you still have a choice.

Windows 7 can still be found online for prices around $90 (€66), with a simple search on Amazon returning quite a lot of useful results.

Buying Windows 7 proves to be quite an easy task right now, even though both Windows 8 and 8.1 are alive and kicking, while work on Windows 9 is supposed to be started very soon.

Windows 7 remains the number one operating system worldwide, as it’s installed on more than 45 percent of desktop computers and very likely to boost its market share in the coming months as more XP users are completing their transition to a new OS.

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