Notepad++ 6.2.2 Available for Download

It fixes problem with URL link style in PHP document

The new version for Notepad++ is 6.2.2. Despite being a minor version accompanied by a very short list of modifications, the developer has still managed to include a couple of new features in it.

The full set of changes includes only three entries, but only one of them is actually noting that a bug has been fixed. Starting this revision, users should no longer have trouble with URL link style in a PHP document.

Freshly available in Notepad++ is the presence of the selected line count display on the status bars. The developer has also added the capacity to treat path like "\test\test.txt".

Notepad++ is a handy, very useful source code editor designed to support several programming languages.

A portable version of Notepad++ is also available. It can be downloaded from this page. The regular, desktop download is available here.

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