Notepad++ 6.3 Available for Download

It adds UDL (User Defined Language) versioning, includes plenty of repairs

Notepad++ received a fresh update over the weekend. Most of the changes in the new release are repairs, but the developer also includes a couple of new features.

Version 6.3 of the application includes UDL (User Defined Language) versioning; on the same note, the new revision adds new options for UDL number definition.

Among the problems addressed by the developer is regex search replace hanging; however, plenty of the entries in the changelog announce fixes for UDL-related problems, one of them causing a crash on Windows XP.

One of the bugs squashed in this revision prevented a file to be opened via Windows Explorer right-click menu when Notepad++ would be run as administrator. Additionally, users should no longer have trouble with document focus after cancelling exit on an unsaved file or with tab display when buffer's filename is changed or buffer is closed.

You can find the full list of modifications and repairs hereA portable version of Notepad++ is also available. It can be downloaded from this page. The regular, desktop download is available here.

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