O2 to Release 3G Support for Windows RT and Surface RT

The company confirms via its Twitter account that support for Windows RT is coming

As you probably know by now, Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet doesn’t feature 3G support, so browsing the Internet without a Wi-Fi connection is practically impossible.

The USB port, however, allows users to connect a USB 3G modem or dongle and browse the web without the need for a Wi-Fi hotspot. The lack of drivers, on the other hand, is the biggest problem.

O2 is one of the first companies that could provide support for its 3G dongles on Windows RT and Surface RT devices.

Asked “when they are going to release Connection Manage for Windows RT in order to use the dongle with Microsoft’s Surface,” O2 confirmed via its Twitter account that “all details on this will be revealed soon,” hinting that such a feature is indeed in the works.

More information on this will most likely emerge soon, so we’ll keep you posted.

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