Office 2013 May Have the Same Fate as Windows 8

Many users may actually prefer to stick to Office 2010 instead of upgrading

Office 2013 is scheduled to go live in early 2013, but even though Microsoft claims it has improved the productivity suite with a wide array of features, the new suite may have the same fate as Windows 8.

Microsoft’s latest operating system is yet to take off, especially because most Windows users choose to move to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.

The same could happen to Office 2013, as the migration to Office 2010 isn’t over yet.

“A lot of my customers have just finished moving to Office 2010,” Paul DeGroot, principal consultant at Pica Communications LLC, a Windows licensing consultancy based in Camano Island, Wash. DeGroot, told TechTarget.

“Any business that just finished a migration to Office 2010, doesn't want to do that again anytime soon,” Wes Miller, an analyst for Directions on Microsoft, added.

What’s more, many users may actually be attracted by Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite, so sales of the desktop version of the software may be also affected.

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