Office Mix Spotted Online, Makes PowerPoint More Interactive

Microsoft is preparing a new set of features for PowerPoint

Microsoft is preparing plenty of goodies on the Office front and after launching the productivity suite on iPad, the company is now getting ready to unveil some new options aimed at teachers and students.

The so-called Office Mix is a set of improvements for the PowerPoint presentation tool that turns the application into a much more interactive solution supporting online lessons which can be shared online with other users.

Users can basically record audio and video, introduce handwriting and even insert interactive elements such as quizzes and CK12 exercises, the company said in a very short description of the new solution.

“Once your presentation is ready just click ‘Create MIX.’ We work our magic to mix in xml for an interactive document complete with analytics, and place it in the cloud. From there, just share the link, and your students can watch it on just about any device with a web browser. You can then check student progress online and see who watched the presentation, and how they did on your quizzes,” it added.

While it’s pretty obvious that Office Mix is a service aimed at educators and students, it’s only available in preview stage at this point, so it could take a while until all users get to give it a shot.

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