Office Web Apps Get New File Sharing Option via SkyDrive

Microsoft makes it easier to share and edit a document on the web

If you’re an avid Office Web Apps users, you may be delighted to hear that Microsoft has just introduced a new document sharing option that’s possible thanks to the SkyDrive integration.

Basically, the new feature allows users to share and edit documents in the Office Web Apps with virtually anyone on the Internet, even without a Microsoft account.

Any recipient that has the edit link can access the document and make modifications, Microsoft said, with multiple users support for easier online collaboration.

“One piece of feedback we’ve consistently heard, especially from students, is that our current SkyDrive edit links can be frustrating for recipients when they find that they need to sign in or sign up for a Microsoft account just to make a quick edit to the document,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

The feature is already available in the web-based version of Office, so simply open the “Share” menu option to access its settings.

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