Office for iOS Still an Enigma as Microsoft Sidesteps Questions Reuters

The company refuses to comment on the Office for iOS project

Microsoft is rumored to prepare a new version of its Office productivity suite for iOS platforms, but the company refuses to comment on this subject, saying that Apple users can already access Office Web Apps if they really need to.

Kurt DelBene, head of Microsoft's Office unit, said during the Morgan Stanley technology investor conference in San Francisco that, just like the other users, iOS adopters can launch Office in their browsers, even though some of the features are missing as compared to the installed version.

“We don't take it from the point of view, ‘Do we need to have the PC software that's running on every single device?', we look very much at 'What is the experience that we are looking to have on those devices’,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Microsoft is already offering several tools on iOS platforms, including the SkyDrive client for its cloud-based storage service, OneNote, Lync and SharePoint applications.

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