Oldie but Goldie: The 1992 Microsoft Word 5.0 Doesn’t Know the Term “Internet”

Microsoft Word 5.0’s spellcheck wasn’t quite an advanced feature

Microsoft will soon launch the new Office 2013, the one that will come with a subscription program and plenty of advanced goodies, but only a few of us actually remember the first iterations of the Office suite.

How many of you know Microsoft Word 5.0? It was a terrific product, although it now seems that some of the built-in tools could hardly peek into the future.

This photo published on Twitter by Lori Emerson shows that Word 5.0 didn’t know the term “Internet,” although Microsoft’s officials continuously talked about revolutionary projects at that time.

Remember Bill Gates talking about networks in 1987? Look at this clip if you don’t. And, seriously now, how come the spellcheck had never heard of Internet in 1992?

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