One in Three Users Ready to Drop IE10 Due to Do Not Track Option

A new research demonstrated that not all users agree with Microsoft’s DNT

Internet Explorer 10’s factory-enabled Do Not Track option has been praised by many privacy advocates and end users out there, but it seems that not all consumers actually agree with it.

A research conducted by Mediasyndicator and YouGov has revealed that one in three British users would dump Internet Explorer 10 because of the Do Not Track option. A total of 87 percent of the respondents find online tracking helpful for the overall browsing experience, the study shows.

“While Microsoft's introduction of Do Not Track is being implemented as a step to allay these fears, it is evident that this initiative risks doing more to hinder consumers' online experiences, than help them,” said Mediasyndicator CEO, Spyro Korsanos.

Internet Explorer 10 is not the only browser on the market that comes with a Do Not Track option, but as compared to the other apps, Microsoft’s in-house browser offers this tool enabled by default.

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