OneDrive to Offer 8 GB of Free Storage via Referral Links, Camera Roll Sync

Microsoft is working to offer more space to OneDrive users

Microsoft will soon complete the SkyDrive rebranding process to OneDrive, so the company is working to boost consumer appeal with some new special offer for its users.

According to a report by via unnamed sources, the software giant is planning to offer up to 8 GB of more storage space absolutely free if users complete a number of tasks.

For example, a referral link that would be generated in each account and bringing more users to OneDrive would grant you a maximum of 5 GB of space, in addition to the 7GB already offered right now. For every registered user you get 500 MB of space and you can invite a maximum of 10 friends.

At the same time, if you decide to synchronize your camera folder with OneDrive, regardless if you use iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, you are eligible for a bonus of up to 3 GB.

Microsoft is yet to confirm these bonuses, but more information is expected to be provided in the coming weeks when the transition to OneDrive is expected to be completed.

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