Opera 12.10 RC 3 Available for Download

Increased stability as several crash problems have been eliminated

Opera 12.10 moved rapidly from RC 1 status to RC 3. Actually, it made the jump in a single day. Judging by this move, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the stable version released by the end of the week.

In both release candidates, the developer has eliminated several issues that affected the stability of the browser, but has also made some improvements as far as functionality is concerned.

As such, users should no longer witness high CPU usage when the list of downloads is not empty and the zooming problem with Ctrl+scroll has been dealt with.

In Opera 12.10 RC 3, the developer has eliminated the issue causing the SPDY HTTP header crash. The browser would also crash when receiving data from the network and on opening tab with "Activate first tab opened from current tab" setting; neither of the problems is affecting the browser at the moment.

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