Opera 12.10 Stable Available for Download

It focuses on increasing browsing speed and revealing a better-looking web

The release of the final build for Opera 12.10 did not come as a surprise this week, as there were clear signs that the developer managed to overcome some of the most nagging difficulties.

Touted as a security update, Opera 12.10 incorporates repairs as well as new features. Among the most significant are support for SPDY, the full screen API, compatibility with the latest operating systems from Apple and Microsoft (Mountain Lion and Windows 8), as well as page load improvements.

On the latest Windows operating system, the browser features inertia scrolling and pinch-to-zoom action. Pages should also look better, as the new Opera has support for ICC profile v4.

On Mac systems, there is support for Retina displays, thus making everything look much better. There is also integration with the Notification Center.

The current release integrates DNS prefetching, a feature that enables the browser to do a DNS look-up when the user merely hovers the mouse over a web link. The result of this action is that the page loads faster if the user decides to visit it.

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