Opera 12.11 Snapshot Includes More Stability Fixes

Developer eliminates several important crash bugs

A new snapshot for Opera 12.11 has been released. As expected, more stability fixes have been included in this build, as the goal of the developer is to deliver a stable version with as few glitches as possible.

Apart from eliminating the SkyDrive issue that caused the web browser to freeze because it would parse more than 2 million NULL characters straight into the source code, the new development build also does away with a crash on Windows five minutes after the browser starts.

The same abrupt termination of the application would occur when dragging page element for the second time or when selecting an email message after running a search.

Less critical repairs refer to failure of the cursor to change to pointer when hovering for anchors with image object children or impossibility to upload files to some online services. You can read the full list of modifications on this page.

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