Opera 12.11 Stable Available for Download

It integrates security and stability enhancements

After two snapshots and two release candidates, Opera 12.11 is now officially available for download. The new version is intended as maintenance upgrade, since it does not include new features, but only modifications designed to increase security and stability.

Although plenty of the modifications available in this release are general in nature, specific ones are also present. For the Mac version, the developer did away with a crash bug that caused trouble when the toolbar icons for some extensions would be updated.

On the same note, issues referring SPDY protocol have been eliminated, such as Opera sending out connection requests if turbo proxy is not listening on SPDY port. In some cases, Gmail would no load, but this problem should be eliminated in this revision.

Security-wise, the fresh build eliminates a problem that could lead to execution of arbitrary code and one that allowed error pages to be used to guess local file paths.

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