Opera 12.12 RC1 Available for Download

SPDY is turned on by default for Opera Turbo mode

The first release candidate for Opera 12.12 has rolled out. Since it is a stability and security update recommended to all users, there aren’t any new features available.

It comes with a short changelog, but the developer announces an even shorter one for RC2, planned to emerge later this week.

Starting with this release, SPY is enabled by default for Opera Turbo and there is the setting as default web browser on Windows 8.

As far as repairs go, this RC solves the problem with Speed Dial for Facebook being blocked by Ghostery; this happened on account of URL filter conflicts between extensions. On the same note, Debian package now checks for the correct version of glibc.

Another issue touched on the email client where an entire contacts folder is no longer added in the “To” field when clicking on the “Compose” button.

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