Opera Web Browser 21.0.1432.57 Stable Released for Download

A new version of the browser is offered to Windows and Mac users

If you are one of the many users of Opera browser, make sure that you are running the latest version of the app, as the parent company has just rolled out a new update this morning..

There are no release notes available right now, but it's safe to assume that Opera Web Browser 21.0.1432.57 is mostly focused on fixing bugs and addressing performance issues, so in case you've been experiencing problems with the browser, this is the right time to update.

No major changes are likely to be part of this new release, but we're still waiting for more information from the developing team and we're going to update the article accordingly.

Of course, Opera Web Browser 21.0.1432.57 can be used on all Windows versions on the market, including Windows XP, which no longer receives updates and security patches from Microsoft. Opera is one of the browsers that continue to work on XP, even though most security vendors and Microsoft itself are recommending users to move to a newer operating system.

Overall, this new update definitely comes in handy to many, so use the download links below to get the fresh build and find out what's new.

Update: Opera has just published a changelog for the new version, releasing that this particular build comes with complete URLs in the address bar, so you can configure the browser to display a site's full URL all the time using dedicated settings in the configuration screen. At the same time, starting with this version, the app displays a broken padlock for secure sites that have invalid security certificates.

Download Opera Web Browser 21.0.1432.57 for Windows

Download Opera Web Browser 21.0.1432.57 for Mac OS X

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