Outlook.com Sign-in Page Already Broken

The website shows errors in Firefox and Google Chrome

Outlook.com may be a good-looking email service, but several users have already expressed their frustration when it comes to several built-in utilities.

The last issue we discovered concerns the sign-in page that seems to be broken when loaded in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. There's a “404 – File or directory not found” error displayed in the left panel of the sign-in page, but this only appears randomly, depending on the browser used.

As far as we're concerned, the error is only displayed to users of Windows 7 with Mozilla Firefox 15 and Google Chrome, while on Mac OS X workstations everything seems to be alright with the default Safari browser.

The sign-in process, however, works pretty smoothly and the mailing service doesn't seem to be affected by this problem. Anyone else getting the error?

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