Over 1 Million Computers Protected Through AVAST Free for Education Program

CEO hopes to cover one third of US school computers by the end of the year

AVAST announced that they managed to issue licenses for over one million computers from educational institutions through their AVAST Free for Education program.

The threshold was crossed when California’s Madera Unified School District (with more than 19,000 students in 27 schools) applied for a license for 2,575 endpoints and received Avast! End Point Protection Suite to use for free on student and faculty stations.

The campaign kicked off about seven weeks ago and at that time AVAST CEO Vincent Steckler said that the company would go worldwide with it if the action proved a success. According to new information the Free for Education program has been received very well across US as participants benefited from significant money savings.

As expected, the participants used the savings to improve the IT infrastructure in schools, as was the case with a group of charter schools in Arizona that reported annual savings in excess of $10,000 (on 550 PCs and 100 servers).

Taking into consideration the 1 million educational computers currently protected by AVAST software for free US educational institutions are already saving a few million dollars per year.

According to Mr. Steckler, the company plans to extend this action and cover 1/3 of the school computers in US by the end of the year, “The program is going so well, we hope to be protecting one-third of US school computers by the end of 2013.”

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