Pac-Man for Windows 8 Adds Windows RT Support, Download Now

A new version of the game can be used on Microsoft’s tablet operating system

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has just received a new update that brings support for Windows RT tablets, which means that Surface RT owners and users of other devices running this particular operating system can download it too.

In addition, the new version also comes with several bug fixes for some previously reported Xbox Live connection issues.

Consumers who encountered this kind of problems are recommended to uninstall the game and re-download it with the same Microsoft account they used when they first bought the app. This can be easily done by selecting the game’s live tile on the Start Screen and hitting “Uninstall.”

“Using a different account to reinstall the application may result in being charged twice,” the company warns in the release notes of the new version.

Click here to view the updated product page of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX in your browser.

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