People Are Getting Used to Windows 8 – Microsoft

Windows boss says that more and more users find Windows 8 a good OS

Windows 8 remains a pretty controversial product more than three months after its debut, mostly because of several GUI changes that include the removal of the old-school Start button and the introduction of a Start Screen.

Tami Reller, chief marketing officer and chief financial officer, says that people are finally getting used to Windows 8, as fifty percent of them manage to discover the OS in less than five minutes.

“Based on what we’ve learned, we are finding that people are successfully and quickly learning Windows 8 and their usage gets richer and stronger over time. They get started with success. On the very first day, virtually everyone launches an app from the Start screen, finds the desktop, and finds the charms. Almost half of users go to the Windows Store on that first day,” she said.

Of course, it all comes down to users, and as far as they are concerned, a Start button is a must-have. And this is one of the reasons why third-party Start Menu apps enjoy such a terrific success.

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