People Aren’t Running to Buy Windows 8 – Freddie Mac CIO [WSJ]

Rob Lux confirms that Windows 8 is yet to impress with its sales

Even though Microsoft has already confirmed that it had sold 40 million Windows 8 copies in just one month, analysts are still pointing out that the new operating system missed internal sales projections.

Rob Lux, CIO of mortgage-finance company Freddie Mac, told Wall Street Journal that “people aren’t running to buy Windows 8,” confirming that sales of Microsoft’s latest Windows version are far from becoming impressive.

In addition, Bill Martin, CIO of Royal Caribbean Cruises, told the same source that Windows 8 “hasn’t got any legs, which is interesting because I’m using a Windows 8 slate and I love it. It just hasn’t developed any momentum in the enterprise.”

All these statements are actually clear indications that everybody expects the new OS to boost sales in 2013, when the PC industry is also expected to post a significant recovery.

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