Petition Calls for Microsoft to Keep the Skype API Alive

Third-party developers want Microsoft to reconsider the decision of killing Skype API

Microsoft will officially retire the Skype Desktop API in December, but as far as developers are concerned, this is a bad decision that will dramatically affect their businesses.

Third-party app creators have rolled out a petition calling for Redmond to reconsider the decision to retire the API, explaining that developers need support to implement new features, such as call recording, chat archiving, chat translation, and headset operation.

“The decision to discontinue Skype's Desktop API impacts our ability to use Skype within my normal Skype calling activities. Please reconsider this decision and provide a migration path such that the user functionality provided by these API's is sustained. In summary we request that Skype/Microsoft provide continued support for third party Skype utilities that have become mission critical to Skype's users,” the petition reads.

Microsoft is yet to issue a statement on this, but the company said it loud in clear in the official retirement announcement that it wants to kill the desktop API because it was created in 2004 and it doesn’t support mobile application development.

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