Picasa HD for Windows 8 Released, Download Now

Here’s a brand new app to manage your Picasa account

While Google confirmed that it has no intention to release any other Windows 8 apps, third-party developers are hard at work to release unofficial clients that could access Google’s services.

Picasa HD is the living proof that such apps could perfectly release an official piece of software, as it features not only an eye-candy interface, but also a great feature package.

The tool allows users to browse and display Picasa albums, while also providing zoom options, slideshow support with fade and zoom effects, and detailed information for each picture.

Live tile support is also available, and so is Charm integration to quickly search or share specific photos or albums.

Picasa HD comes with full support for touchscreen devices, so beside x86 and x64 Windows 8 builds, it also works quite nicely on Windows RT devices.

Click here to view the official Picasa HD product page in your browser.

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