Play Crossway Online in the Metro UI of Windows 8

This is one of the most interesting games that arrived in the Store lately

Crossway Online is one of the games that are worth at least a chance on Windows 8 computers, as it brings multiplayer support to an already exciting concept.

In addition to the standard multiplayer mode, the game also packs a built-in chat so you can quickly talk to your opponent as you play, without the need for switching to another app.

“This connection game is played on a standard Go style board with stones of 2 different color. The goal is simple: link the sides of your own color with your colored stones without allowing your opponent to do the same,” it’s mentioned in the game description.

Just as expected, you can play it not only on desktop computers running Microsoft’s new OS, but also on Windows RT tablets such as the Surface RT.

Click here to view the Windows Store page of Crossway Online in your browser.

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