Plex Media Center for Windows 8 Released for Download

The app is now available in the Store for $2.99 (€2.29)

Plex Media Center has just landed on Windows 8 platforms, with the app now available in the integrated Windows Store for only $2.99 (€2.29).

The app allows users to stream music, videos and photos by simply setting up Plex Media Server, while the myPlex service gives them the option to connect to servers shared with friends over the Internet.

“Plex Media Server streams your media directly from your computer, so there's no need to manually convert before viewing. Plex is smart, too: if your media isn't already in a format your device can play, it'll convert it on-the-fly,” the official product description reads.

The application comes with support for 32- and 64-bit versions of the newly-released Windows 8 operating system, but it can also be installed on ARM devices, such as Microsoft’s very own Surface RT.

Click here to view the Plex product page in your browser.

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