PowerPoint 2013 to Sport a Widescreen Aspect Ratio as Default

The widescreen format is the best choice for presentations, says Microsoft

Office 2013 will go on sale on January 29 and together with it, Microsoft will also introduce a new version of its PowerPoint app comprising a wide array of changes.

The new PowerPoint 2013 will come with a widescreen aspect ratio as default, the company revealed in a blog post, mostly because “PowerPoint and widescreen were made for each other.”

“In the widescreen shape, there’s lots of extra horizontal space. The moment you start building a presentation in widescreen, you’ll start to notice some very cool things about the format. In the widescreen world, we have space for all kinds of content, pictures, and even design elements – content that flows naturally across the slides,” Microsoft explained.

PowerPoint 2013 will also include options to allow users to change the default aspect ratio, so in case you wish to stick with the 4:3 format, everything should be alright.

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