Rainmeter Recompiled to Work on Windows RT

Here’s one more application that supports unlocked Windows RT devices

Microsoft is investigating the Windows RT jailbreak software, but that doesn’t mean that software developers won’t recompile more applications to work on the tablet-oriented operating system.

Rainmeter is one of the latest tools that have been modified to run on jailbroken Windows RT tablets, including Microsoft’s very own Surface RT.

While the software developer behind the project admits that not all modules are working right now, it’s still a good way to get hardware details about your Windows 8 device straight from the desktop.

The application is already available on a number of platforms, including the traditional Windows operating system, so it’s no surprise that it now works on Windows RT too.

The Redmond-based software giant is still thinking whether it should or should not block the hack, but a company spokesperson hinted in a previous statement that it may do that with future updates.

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