Reddit Desktop Client

Column-based design shows multiple subreddits at once

It was just a matter of time until we saw an application like Reditr for the desktop. Its purpose is pretty simple: help you manage as much content from Reddit as you can handle.

Reditr can do this by showing multiple feeds in a single window and giving you the possibility to check posts in their entirety.

This simple Reddit client for Windows brings to the table a column design (very much like TweetDeck) that lets you add content from any subreddit you want. When you pick an entry, you get to see all content available (media, comments, up/downvotes).

Among the features available in the program, there are live notifications, gallery mode for subreddits with plenty of images, support for multiple accounts as well as search capabilities. All threads are updated automatically and it can import tags with RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite).

Reditr is available for download on this page

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