Reminder: Windows 7 Won’t Get a Second Service Pack

Those who want more features and better security are recommended to upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft reminded everyone a few hours ago that Windows 7 RTM support ends in just a few months, with Service Pack 1 versions to continue receiving patches until January 13, 2015.

While some may actually be waiting for Service Pack 2, it’s very important to know that Microsoft won’t release a second service pack for Windows 7, so users are recommended to either stick to SP1 or to move to Windows 8 completely.

Microsoft is yet to reveal whether it plans to release new service packs or not, but sources familiar with the matter suggest that the company is willing to switch to more frequent updates such as the upcoming Windows Blue.

Currently dubbed a major update for Windows 8, Blue is reportedly coming this summer and, unlike the other Windows versions that are already on the market, it may be offered either for free or with a low price tag.

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