Rumor Mill: Microsoft Working on 14.6-Inch Surface “Ultrabook”

The company is looking into ways to expand the Surface family with a new product

Sources familiar with the matter have already suggested that Microsoft is planning to expand the “Surface” product family with new devices, but nobody expected to see the Redmond-based technology company actually releasing a 14.6-inch tablet.

According to MS_nerd, Microsoft is working on a new Surface tablet dubbed Surface Book and featuring a 14.6-inch screen. Although it would bear the Surface badge, its name suggests that such a device could help the company get closer to the ultrabook market.

What’s more, it appears that Surface Book could feature an Intel “Haswell” chip, so it’s very likely to run Windows 8 Pro and legacy Windows applications, just like the Surface Pro device that’ll be released in January.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to comment on these rumors, so we can’t tell for sure if they are true or not, but judging by Steve Ballmer’s desire to expand in the hardware market, such a plan could really make sense.

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