Run Android Apps on Windows 8 and Surface Pro

BlueStacks is now completely optimized for Microsoft’s latest platform

BlueStacks has been around for a while, letting users run Android apps on a Windows workstation, but the application is now completely optimized for Microsoft’s new Windows 8 and Surface Pro.

According to the company, the updated software has exactly what it takes to make the most of the Surface Pro, including support for the built-in sensors and full-screen compatibility.

Since many apps are still missing from the Windows Store, including Twitter clients, browsers and other popular software solutions, BlueStacks may enjoy quite a terrific success on Windows 8 too, especially thanks to the fact that most of these tools are already available for Android users.

As always, the program comes with a freeware license and can get along not only with Windows 8, but also with Windows 7 operating system.

Download the new version of BlueStacks from Softpedia at absolutely no cost.

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