Run Old Macintosh Software on Microsoft Windows RT Tablets

Mini vMac has been recompiled to work on ARM devices

The jailbreak community is once again lending a hand to users who wish to run old Macintosh software on their Windows RT tablet, be it Microsoft Surface or any other device equipped with this special version of the Windows 8 OS.

Mini vMac has been recompiled to work on jailbroken Windows RT tablets, allowing users to emulate early Macintosh apps with minimum effort.

Just like all the other recompiled apps, Mini vMac requires an unlocked device capable of running unsigned desktop software.

The list of programs aimed at jailbroken Windows RT tablets is continuously growing bigger and, as far as Microsoft is concerned, there’s nothing to do about it right now. The company previously hinted that it may block the hack with a future update, but Microsoft is yet to make a decision on this, as it’s still “investigating” the issue.

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