Run Windows 8.1 Metro Apps in Window Mode with ModernMix 1.10

Stardock has released an update for its Windows 8 application

ModernMix is an app that arrived on the market rather recently, providing Windows 8 adopters with a neat way to run Metro apps in window mode, instead of full screen.

An update released today pushed the app to version 1.10 and brought support for Windows 8.1 Preview, which basically means that users who installed the testing version of the first Windows 8 overhaul can get it too.

There are no other release notes for this particular build, but Windows 8.1 compatibility was clearly a must have for an application exclusively aimed at Windows 8, especially because many users are expected to deploy the update once it goes live on October 18.

ModernMix is already experiencing an amazing success, which could be a sign that Microsoft should really consider providing users with an option to run Metro apps in their own windows.

Download ModernMix 1.10 for Windows 8/8.1

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